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Adventure gear for outdoorsy pups

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Adventure gear for outdoorsy pups

Your pup should always have access to clean, fresh water

Puppernut's new Oasis™ Water Bottle for Dogs features a durable Nalgene® Tritan bottle and a heavy duty carabiner clip, so you can carry water with you anywhere you would take your dog. 

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Is your dog getting enough water on the trail?

Yellow Lab Drinking Water from

Just like humans, it's important for dogs to stay hydrated while traveling, hiking, and even on shorter walks.

Body temperature and hydration are almost entirely separate issues in the canine world. For humans, they are closely intertwined; our primary mode of cooling ourselves down is by sweating, which requires adequate hydration. Dogs, however, have specifically evolved their fur coats to efficiently regulate their body temperature. 

While dogs don’t lose quite as much water in maintaining homeostasis as us humans do, they do lose some water through panting. Panting applies the same basic principles of sweating: water on the dog’s tongue and through their respiratory tract cools them as it evaporates  ...