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A slimmer version of our Big Dawg leash, this rock-climbing inspired rope leash packs extreme strength and durability into a more streamlined design. Compact, but hardly dainty, this leash can withstand up to 8kn (1800 lbs) of force.  

Slim Series™ Rope Leash

  • • Designed to withstand up to 8kn (1800lbs) of force

    • Double figure-8 knot construction eliminates weak points found in other rope leashes

    • Premium dynamic rock climbing rope is super durable, and will not snag (or get chewed through) easily

    • Originally designed for sled dogs, this carabiner is easier to use than traditional leash hooks, and far more secure

    • Swivel feature prevents tangling, and is safer than non-swivelling leashes

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