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Puppernut's Oasis™ Water Bottle for Dogs features a durable Nalgene Tritan bottle and a heavy duty carabiner clip, so you can take it with you anywhere you take your dog. The thermos-style lid doubles as a bowl, and features a spout to easily transfer unused water back into the bottle, helping to conserve water - especially when it's scarce.


• Measurement lines help you keep track of how much water your dog is drinking, helping to prevent risk of dehydration

• Spout feature enables you to pour any unused water back into the bottle easily, so you're not wasting water on the trail

• Classic wide-mouth bottle is compatible with most popular water filtration systems

• Leak-proof design without silicone ring minimizes risk of mold buildup that can occur in other water bottle lids

• 32oz capacity is ideal for medium-sized dogs, or for larger dogs on short walks or hikes. 


Also available in 48oz capacity. Can't decide which size is right for your pup? Read up on dog hydration tips by visiting our blog.


Already have a wide-mouth bottle lying around? Lid + carabiner may be purchased separately to minimize plastic waste. 

Oasis™ Water Bottle for Dogs | 32oz

  • Capacity 32oz (1 liter)
    Lid (Bowl) Capacity 12oz (400mL)
    Weight (including carabiner clip) 7.9oz
    Weight (without carabiner clip) 7.4oz
    Dimensions 3.5" x 8.5"
    Carabiner Included? Yes


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