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Dog hiking with Big Dawg rope leash in Tactical Taupe

Inspired by the crag, perfect for any adventure. The Big Dawg™ rope leash combines premium dynamic rock climbing rope with a professional grade screw-locking carabiner for the ultimate in strength and durability. 

Big Dawg™ Rope Leash in Tactical Taupe

Pullers, chewers, and escape artists: meet your match

This heavy-duty leash will keep your pup under control and in style. Constructed with premium rock climbing rope and professional grade screw locking carabiners, the Big Dawg™ leash can handle up to 8.5kn (over 1900 lbs) of force!

Lima Staged 4.jpg

Big Dawg™ Rope Leash in Lima

Swiveling hardware specifically designed for dog leashes is safer and more functional than standard climbing clips 

Durable, waterproof Ottertex™ canvas secures rope ends in place

Double figure-8 knot construction takes full advantage of the natural strength of the rope, and provides an extra place to grasp onto when needed

Dynamic nylon rock climbing rope is designed to withstand continuous scraping against rock faces, as well as high-impact falls, making it an ideal choice of material for dog leashes

Lightweight aluminum carabiner with screw-locking capability adds an extra level of security without weighing your pup down 

Which leash is right for your pup?

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