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Our Story

Puppernut LLC was founded in 2018 with the vision of enabling pet owners to include their pets in all their favorite activities. Since then, we've been designing and manufacturing high-quality, durable products that support this vision.

What does "Puppernut" mean? 

The brand name "Puppernut" is named after our founder's English Springer Spaniel, Charles Barkley, who also goes by Puppernut Squash. It is, of course, not a real word, and has no particular meaning.




Charles "Puppernut Squash" Barkley

Mission Statement

Puppernut's mission is simple: to make the world more pet-friendly. 


You've seen this mission statement adapted as a tagline in our marketing materials, because we keep our mission at the center of every product we design, and every major decision we make. 

What does it mean to make the world more pet-friendly?

The world today is already evolving to become more pet-friendly as more and more people choose to own pets. Many restaurants offer dog-friendly patios, pet salons and boutique shops are popping up left and right, and even major hotel chains are offering pet-friendly rooms. Still, owning a pet is a huge responsibility, and it can be stressful to juggle being a good pet owner while maintaining a successful career and well-balanced personal life. Having the right products and knowledge can make it so much easier to include our pets in all our favorite activities. Puppernut provides products, along with educational content, that make pet ownership more convenient, less stressful, and all in all more rewarding.

Giving Back

Dogs do so much for us. They lift our spirits, inspire adventure, and show us the purest form of love. At Puppernut, we see it as our responsibility to give back to the canine community, helping to provide better lives to dogs in need.

Each month, we donate a percentage of our profits to a charity organization whose mission aligns with our own. If you have a recommendation for a charity or organization that we should be donating to, dog-related or not, please let us know by filling out our contact form.

Puppernut is currently structured as an LLC, but with a long-term vision of incorporating as a B-corp. This means the company will continue its legacy of sustainability and community involvement as we grow and scale, ensuring that we do not lose touch with our founder's vision of making the world more pet-friendly.

Find a Distributor

Puppernut products are currently available online at, as well as Amazon. If you know of a store in your neighborhood who you think should carry Puppernut products, please let us know by filling out our contact form. If you are a distributor or wholesaler, learn more about doing business with Puppernut here.



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