Travel Water Bowl

Travel Water Bowl


The Puppercup(TM) is the most convenient way to bring water along for your pup. Whether you're hiking, traveling, or just going out to brunch, vets agree that your dog should always have access to clean, fresh water. We know you want to bring your dog with you wherever you can, and having a Puppercup makes it easy!


Shared, public water bowls can harbor germs and bacteria, and you can't always count on them being available. Puppernut's Puppercup(TM) eliminates the need to worry about keeping your pup hydrated.


The Puppercup(TM) Travel Water Bowl is designed to be compatible with Nalgene(TM) wide mouth water bottles. Please see table below for compatibility with various other brands of water bottles. 


If you don't happen to have a compatible bottle lying around, you can purchase the Puppercup(TM) with a Puppernut(TM) branded Nalgene(TM) bottle included. 

  • Product Specifications

    Capacity 12 oz / 400 ml
    Carabiner Included? Yes
    Country of Origin Made in USA
    Material Properties Food-safe, BPA-free, recyclable
    Dimensions X"H x X" Diameter
    Weight 0.X oz


  • Compatibility Table

    Nalgene(TM) Wide Mouth 32oz Wide Mouth 48oz HDPE Wide Mouth    



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